What customers are saying about Rainbow Editing . . .

"I like working with the Rainbow Editing book for the simple reason that it helps me look at my writing more objectively."
    --Elizabeth Sweeney

"Rainbow Editing was one of our top selling craft books at the 2005 Pikes Peak Writers Conference."
    --Laura Hayden, President, Pikes Peak Writers

"As a novice writer, I am finding the chapters on the senses of great value to me, and I have added a lot of interest by using the tips you suggest."
    --Barbara Rein

"Writers are always wanting the classics...RE will be one of them."
    --Sue Longsdorf

"... I've been using [Rainbow Editing] to show some of my crit partners the errors of their ways. Even though I only use caps in our online version, it still produces some shocking results. Wanted to tell you how impressed I am with the system, along with, of course, your editing expertise and tips, without which the system wouldn't quite hit the mark."
    --Bob Farley, www.LRFarley.com

"I just wanted to let you know how invaluable your Rainbow Editing macros and book have been. I've used it every day this week... With the book and macros I've trimmed so many unnecessary words that clutter up my writing. I can really see the difference already, and I'll never edit the same way again."
    --Lisa Stormes Hawker, BrainStormes Unlimited, www.lisastormeshawker.com

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